At W&J, we believe in recognizing and rewarding students' excellence in academic achievements by offering merit based scholarships. The Office of Admission takes a holistic approach when evaluating a student for a merit award. Academic performance, curriculum, class rank (if available), standardized test scores (unless the student elects our score optional policy), and co-curricular involvement are all considered. W&J offers four tiers of merit awards: the W&J Thrive Scholarship, the Howard J. Burnett Presidential Scholarship, the W&J Scholars Award, and the Dean’s Award.

Annual scholarship amounts are divided equally over the fall and spring semesters and can be used to lower the overall college costs. W&J's merit awards are available for eight semesters provided the recipient maintains full-time enrollment status, remains in a degree-seeking program, abides by the regulations governing college life, makes Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and meets GPA requirements for his/her respective award. The GPA requirements are reviewed at the end of every spring term for the upcoming academic year.

W&J Thrive Scholarship

华盛顿& 杰斐逊 学院 is the place where you’ll thrive! Our W&J Thrive Scholarship is all about rewarding you for your accomplishments before coming to W&J and the outstanding work we know you’ll continue to do as a student in-and-out of the classroom. Starting at $33,000/year, W&J Thrive is our highest merit scholarship and is awarded to students committed to being academic leaders.

Are you an academic leader at your high school inducted into National Honor Society? Are you a team captain? Club president? Did you help in your community, or tutor other students? An entrepreneur? An agent of change? We want to know how you lead today and how you will lead tomorrow! To qualify for W&J Thrive, your high school unweighted GPA must be a 3.6 or higher, and the most important component is sharing your leadership positions, characteristics, and/or interests in your application for admission.


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The W&J Thrive Scholarship is renewable for up to 8 semesters provided you maintain a minimum 3.1 GPA and stay in good academic standing with the 学院.

我们想听听你将如何在蓬勃发展的地方领导。填写申请在 www.esmeefans.org/apply 并在三个星期内,如果符合条件,您会收到您的优秀学生奖学金的决定。


  • 校友推荐奖 - 校友推荐奖 offers alumni of the College the opportunity to refer prospective students to W&J. Referred students, once they have been accepted to the 学院, will receive the $1,000 award as part of their financial aid package. The $1,000 award (split between two semesters) is renewable for each year they remain a student at W&J, up to four years. A student can only be granted one 校友 Referral Award.
    请注意,提名 只接受谁以前没有申请的学生 to W&J per our eligibility requirements. If you are not sure if the student has already applied, please contact Robert Adkins, Dean of Admission, at radkins@washjeff.edu or 724-223-6025 for verification prior to submitting your nomination. Referrals may be made for first-time, undergraduate freshmen in their junior or senior year of high school; or a transfer student, either domestic or international. The referred student must maintain full-time enrollment status, remain in a degree-seeking program, abide by the regulations governing college life, and make Satisfactory Academic Progress in order renew their scholarship for each year they are a student at W&J. W&J employees in Enrollment and 竞技 departments, who are also graduates of the 学院, are not eligible to submit a referral. 校友 must complete the 校友的推荐提名表格.
  • 校友奖学金 -  The Alumni Scholarship is awarded to students who are sons or daughters of W&J graduates. (Students who receive a merit award are not eligible for the 校友 Scholarship).
  • 威廉hertzler纪念奖学金 -  This renewable scholarship is offered to selected students from Juniata County and is funded from the generous donation given to W&J by the Hertzler family. The annual amount of this award is determined by the income generated from the scholarship fund and over the past four years has covered more than 90% of W&J’s annual tuition costs! New students enrolling in the fall that wish to be considered for the William Hertzler Memorial Scholarship need to apply and have an offer of admission to W&J as an incoming freshman by March 1. Students should also file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by W&J’s priority date of February 15. Awards will be offered based on a review of both academic achievement and financial need. Please note that a William Hertzler Memorial Scholarship replaces any W&J award the student may have previously received. This award is renewable each year as long as recipients remain in good academic standing as defined by the 学院. It is important for Hertzler scholarship recipients to know about an opportunity for additional scholarship monies through a similar fund established by the Hertzler family for graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. Those interested should contact the University of Pennsylvania directly for more details regarding scholarship availability.
  • 宾夕法尼亚州查菲教育和培训资助计划 - 这个由联邦政府资助的计划提供赠款,宾夕法尼亚本科生寄养的老化是谁出席一个合格的高等教育机构。 pheaa负责管理代表1999年的寄养独立法案下的授权和2001年促进安全且稳定的家庭修订以获取更多信息修改公益事业,访问的宾夕法尼亚部门的宾夕法尼亚州查菲的教育和培训资助(查菲)计划 pheaa.org.
  • 匹兹堡承诺奖学金 -  谁从匹兹堡公立学校毕业或章程的高中一年级学生有资格获得这个奖学金。这不是一个需要根据奖学金。每个年级的学生必须提交FAFSA,而在大学,维持2.0的GPA,并参加全日制。 访问 对于更多的细节和标准。
  • raiseme: W&J has partnered with RaiseMe to offer micro-scholarships that recognize your achievements as you progress through high school, allowing you to start earning money for college before you even apply. You can earn up to $18,200 per year, and the amount you earn on raiseme from W&J will be your guaranteed minimum amount of institutional aid - you may receive even more in your scholarship or financial aid package once we review your completed application for admission. 在raiseme高层收入的截止日期是9月1日. So if you are a senior, be sure to complete your raiseme profile by that date to lock in your earnings from W&J. Register for free at raise.me/join/washington-and-jefferson.

我们鼓励学生申请 External 奖学金 & Awards 并利用我们的外部奖学金和奖励页面,以及我们的 财政援助资源作为有用的工具。财政援助办公室应当通知获得任何奖项。